Encontro Paulista de Museus: 10 years together

Postado em: 28 de junho de 2018 | EPM

Maria Cristina Oliveira Bruno*


The historicity of Museums and Museology in Sao Paulo State is pervaded for, at least, three crossed movements through time and by different ways has strongly traced Sao Paulo’s profile for museological actions.

On a first segment, it awakens our attention and, as the academic work has emphasized, the professional efforts directed to the implementation of interlocution between museums under different custodies and placed in the capital as in the countryside. Interlocution which, many times, rely on evaluation diagnosis, on net and systems’ connections, on projects’ roaming, on the seeking the harmony related to the technical criteria, among many other factors.

This same interlocution is also present in actions turned towards the technical capacitation for Museums, towards the formation and specialization in Museology and, above all, in academic work structures. There is a special interest in the overcoming of technical challenges and in the production of knowledge about our museological reality. In this segment, the interest in discussions and actions turned towards the establishment of parameters regarding public policies has been noticeable, such as the analyses present in monographs, masters’ dissertations and doctorates’ theses, that identify the singularities of Sao Paulo’s museological thinking.

A third movement, with equal relevance, is marked by the realization of seminars, gatherings and conferences, which have secured and made the museological activities in Sao Paulo valuable, but still have allowed the conversation beyond national and international borders.

In this context, those ten years of Encontro Paulista de Museus represent the center of these movements, for they unite and mingle different generations of professionals and students; they have put us in constant tune with the contemporaneity of the main discussions to the world of museums and they have been leaded by the organization’s accuracy and by the multitude of approaches. And, from an academic point of view, we can identify as the most cemented sign the path of the Museums and of the Museology between us.

It is, then, about a tradition that gets us close of vanguards and values the museological field memory, allowing that, now, we can professionally celebrate 10 years together!

* Maria Cristina Oliveira Bruno is a museologist (COREM/SP 001), graduated in History from Unisantos and Museology Specialization from FESP-SP, is Master in Social History/Pre-History, Doctor in Archeology and Livre Docente in Museology from the University of Sao Paulo. Currently, Bruno is a Full Professor in Museology in the University of Sao Paulo, where she is a professor in the Inter-unities Program for Post-Graduation in Museology of the University of Sao Paulo (PPGMUS/USP). She was also the director of the Archeology and Ethnology Museum (MAE-USP), from 2014 to 2018.

Versão em inglês feita por Carol Romão – professora de inglês, revisora e tradutora. Contato: carolinasromao@gmail.com

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