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Welcome to the Platform of the State Database of São Paulo Museums (CEM-SP)!

The CEM-SP is a tool of public policy of the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo, regulated by SC Regulation 59 from June 13, 2016 and which aims to systematize information about the technical conditions of the museums from São Paulo. Through the Database, the State System of Museums (SISEM-SP) also works in technical cooperation to the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM), in order to share automatically the information shared by the institutions that may express interest to be part of the Database of Museums.

To participate, the institution must fill the Qualification for the Database Form (IQC in Portuguese initials) and, after the checkout of the Technical Group of Coordination of SISEM-SP, a visit will be scheduled. During the technical visit, information will be collected, aiming the production of guiding documents that will help the institutional enhancement work. The collected information will be processed and then analysed by the Committee of Guidance from the State System of Museums (COSISEM), which will give the results of their assessment. If approved, the museum will be automatically registered on the CEM-SP, into the basic level, being able to follow the second phase of levels classification; otherwise, the institution can still apply for a reassessment, presenting arguments for a new analysis from the Committee, or even submit again to the registering process, as soon as the conditions of the technical parameters set by the CEM-SP are gathered.

At the end of the process of registering, the institutions get technical material that will support the qualification of their work: a technical report, with recommendations for the qualification of museological processes, and a situational report, an instrument that aims to promote a Strategic Planning of Action. Do not forget: applying for the membership of the CEM-SP is completely free and optional. The SISEM-SP is always available in case of doubts or suggestions through the e-mail or the telephone number +55 11 3339-8111.

Institutions registered and in the process of museological structuring

Green icons are registered, orange icons are are in the process of museological structuring.

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Access for registered institutions

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