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The Cultural Action Program – ProAC – is a set of mechanisms from theSecretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry for the financial subsidy to the cultural production in all the regions of the State of São Paulo. Currently, there are two models for registering cultural projects: the ProAC Expresso Editais and the ProAC ICMS.

The ProAC Expresso Editais corresponds to a part of the Secretariat’s budget that gets available for the introduction of projects from the whole State, contributing for the democratization of the cultural market from São Paulo. For the moment, the modality of ProAC Editais that involves the museological institutions is “Modernization of Museum Collections and Archives”. Differently, the ProAC ICMS makes use of the public resources through fiscal relinquishing of the Tax over Circulation of Goods and Services, allowing businesspersons to choose, among the projects authorized previously, those which they would like to send resources coming from the amount of taxes collected from their institutions.

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