Dreaming of The World

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The Campaign #DreamingoftheWorld has been conceived as an initiative of the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo, through the Unit of Preservation of the Museological Heritage and the State System of Museums, developed in connection with the Resistance Memorial, Afro Brasil Museum, Museum of Sexual Diversity, Immigration Museum, Índia Vanuíre Museum, Inclusion Memorial and the Secretariat of Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Aiming to connect and mobilize the museums to issues related to the Human Rights, coming from the premise that they must work as instruments of social transformation. The activities of the Campaign happened throughout the year, with a course about the Human Rights, rising awareness of the theme on social media and, during the week of the International Day of the Human Rights, diverse programme at the Paulista museums. Such actions aimed to appreciate the contribution of the museums for composing a collective mentality, raising awareness of the solidarity, respect to the cultural diversity, the engagement against the prejudice, the discrimination and the violence. Get to know more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the United Nations’ webpage about this theme.

IN 2020, the campaign #DreamoftheWorld was converted into a program, aiming, then, to guarantee the continuity of the actions throughout the year. For that, an Advisory Commission was created composed by: the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo, the connected museums, the Football Museum and Sacred Art Museum of São Paulo, which were gathered due to their participation in previous editions of the campaign, and the City Secretariat of the Human Rights and Citizenship of São Paulo, partner in the training of 2019. This commission organized a calendar with specific events with the purpose of debating, in a highly open way, the importance of the museums for the defence of the Human Rights, choosing dates to set intersectional discussions and increase the debate on the themes between the museums, their professionals and the public. The elected dates for composing the special programmes of these museums are: Women’s International Day (May 18), World Refugee Day (June 20), Immigrant Day (June 25), LGBTI+ Pride Day (June 28), International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (August 9), Nacional Day of the Fight of Persons with Disabilities (September 21), Black Awareness Day (November 20), International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) and the International Day of Human Rights (December 10).

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