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The State Database of São Paulo Museums – CEM-SP is a public policy tool, created by thSecretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo, through the work of the Technical Group of Coordination of the State System of Museums (GTC SISEM-SP), which aims set normative patterns for the museological sector and systematize the information about the museums from São Paulo, identifying their structural conditions and working together for their qualification.

The cultural institutions that are suitable for the registering process are those which are non-profitable and work permanently for the preservation and diffusion of cultural, material or immaterial collections, open to the public for purposes of study, research, education, fruition, having staff members for working (57,035/2011 State Decree). The register of institutions must be done by filling the Qualification for the Database Form on the ADA Online Platform. To fill the forms and use the system correctly, download the Operation Manual on the following button:

Download “Manual de Funcionamento - Cadastro Estadual de Museus”

Manual_Usuário_PlataformaADA_V.4.pdf – Baixado 1345 vezes – 1,53 MB
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